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ConferencePro is an advanced conference management system, focusing on conferences and events. Our software can be used by all sorts of events such as Food Conferences, Literary Events, Multi Centered Events, Conferences, Exhibitions and more.


ConferencePro can manage your event 360 degrees, from applications, selection, scheduling through to contracting, ticketing and scanning on site. Created in 2018, Conference Pro has grown to over 350 events worldwide. We work closely with our conferences and events to improve features, and simplify processes. We'd love your conference or exhibition to be part of the Conference Pro family.

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Join over 400 events worldwide. Who's with us.


"Out of the box Conference Pro is ready to go, with many pre-build forms and profiles. The product is perfectly aligned with producing a festival but still flexible enough to meet the needs of the strangest of requests.

We were originally hesitant to work with a small team like Conference Pro with a software that was still developing. But it didn't take long to realize that this small team was also a scrappy-get-it-done-team with incredible customer service skills to boot. Other companies respond to support tickets with "Sorry, we can't do that at this time, or sorry we don't have that feature". Festival Pro responds, "We can do that, when do you need it?" Simply outstanding service. "

- Jerod, Folk Alliance International

About us

The transition from festival logistics to a seamlessly integrated and sophisticated approach to exhibition and conference management.

Who we are

ConferencePro emerged from a decade-long fusion of CRM software development, music festival organisation, and web development expertise. Our team, immersed in festival production for over 80 events, acquired an in-depth knowledge of the industry.

The genesis of FestivalPro took root as we crafted a website for a prominent UK festival. Our tailored system, designed for seamless artist, vendor, and contractor management, not only optimised operations but also led to substantial time and cost savings. Now, evolving from its origins, emerges the next generation: ConferencePro.

Combining 10 years of CRM development, festival orchestration, and web development, ConferencePro has evolved from its festival roots to offer proven solutions and insights to professional conferences. Our multifaceted background enhances the efficiency and overall experience of conferences worldwide.

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